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Planning your wedding and unsure of where to start? Not to worry, our BRIDES Influencer, Jessica Poole of Storyboard Wedding, has you covered with her picks for the prettiest wedding items of the season.

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Leila Hafzi

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BRIDES Influencer: Christiane Lehman

With over 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, Chrissy is a Philadelphia-based wedding planner and the owner of Truly You Events.

BRIDES Influencer: Natalie Acklin

Living and working in New York City, Natalie is busy adding the final touches to her destination wedding in Sedona, Arizona.

BRIDES Influencer: Jen Pantin

Residing in Brooklyn with her fiancé and puppy, Jen is a food blogger for Lorimer Street Kitchen.

BRIDES Influencer: Kathleen Griese

Basking in her newly engaged bliss, Kathleen is just beginning the planning-process for her Autumn 2015 wedding in New York City. s

BRIDES Influencer: Alana Garcia

Self-described urban hipster, Alana is a fashion blogger for the lifestyle blog